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Comprehensive Construction Management in British Columbia

IDR Commercial Construction Management has provided innovative and top-quality construction management in British Columbia since 2007. Using the design-build approach, you become a member of the project team. You won’t have to wait on us to get back to you on developments because you will walk with us every step of the way. You are an integral member of the build from design to construction and ultimately project completion. We are here to serve your construction needs and work with you during the entire process. This ensures a quality of work that is unmatched in today’s industry. Your vision comes first.

A Trusted Choice That Meets Your Needs

Leave it to our team to design, develop, and build your next industrial or commercial build. We will exceed your expectations by providing a variety of different construction services, including:

Personalized Approach

Simply put, you are our highest priority. We offer a top-tier, professional, and seasoned experience that directly addresses your needs. Every detail of your build is brought to life through careful attention. Our "you first" approach provides expert service for your project.

Communication & Collaboration

We pick the specific team best suited to execute your project. Guiding and collaborating with you through every step, our crew of professionals will present you with the optimal solutions in a clear and effective way.

Transparent Build Process

Our approach builds client-contractor relationships that last for years. Our business philosophy has a foundation built on honesty and transparency in everything we do. That's why clients have returned to work with us since 2007.


The White Glove Approach to Construction

Superior service and construction management are what we do. It’s why we’ve succeeded for so long in the industrial and commercial construction industry, and why we’ll continue to innovate with the help of our clients. Our White Glove approach minimizes the stresses generated by construction projects as we guide and consult with you through every step. By partnering with us, your construction experience and understanding of what is possible will never be the same again. If you are ready for an innovative, collaborative, efficient design-build approach, we are the team that will exceed your needs & expectations.

Contact Us Today to Get Started on Your Project