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Cutting-Edge Commercial Construction in British Columbia

Commercial Design-Build

Commercial Renovations

Building Systems Upgrades

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We Believe In Design-Build Construction

Our team of knowledgeable commercial construction experts advocate strongly for the design-build process. Our team collaborates at every stage of the process to ensure streamlined communication and strategic execution flow. You are as involved in your build as any member of the team. We are partners, collaborators, and team members.

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Construction Management
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We Strive for Industry Innovation

Since 2007, IDR Commercial Construction Management has served British Columbia with commercial construction that tests the limits and expands the industry’s capabilities. We’ve achieved industry excellence by embracing design-build construction. We work directly with you in every phase. Our robust teamwork-oriented approach ensures your build goes precisely how you imagined. By partnering with us for your next project, you’ll experience an entirely new method of building that puts your distinct vision first above all else. Welcome to the imaginative world of design-build construction.

Industrial and Commercial Construction Management

Building Systems Upgrades
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Top-Tier Professional Construction Management

Our collective years of experience and devotion to an excellent client journey have made us the most sought-after construction company in the area. We’re incredibly proud of the services we provide and the capabilities we offer for every project. We pay careful attention to the details of your build and use the best available products in the industry to ensure it’s realized with the highest quality. We take a comprehensive white-glove approach to both small and large-scale projects. You have control over your project from the build’s inception to the moment you are given the keys. We’ll help guide you throughout the process for a successful build at every level.