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BC's Construction Management Services

As a leader in construction management services in BC, IDR prioritizes your vision and needs. We collaborate closely with our partners and clients throughout the entire construction process, ensuring unparalleled quality in today’s construction industry. Experience the difference with IDR Commercial Construction Management, where your satisfaction and project success are our top priorities.

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Top-Tier Construction Management

Our collective years of experience and devotion to an excellent client journey have made us the most sought-after construction management services firm in the area. We’re incredibly proud of the construction services we provide and the capabilities we offer for every project. We pay careful attention to the details of your build and use the best available products in the industry to ensure it’s realized with the highest quality. You have control over your project from the build’s inception to the moment you are given the keys. We’ll help guide you throughout the process for a successful build at every level.

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Industrial and Commercial Construction Management Services

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Communication & Collaboration
We pick the specific team best suited to execute your project. Guiding and collaborating with you through every step, our crew of professionals will present you with the optimal solutions in a clear and effective way.

Transparent Build Process
Our approach builds client-contractor relationships that last for years. Our business philosophy has a foundation built on honesty and transparency in everything we do. That’s why clients have returned to work with us since 2007.

Personalized Approach
You are our highest priority. Every detail of your build is brought to life through careful planning and attention. Our “you first” approach provides expert service for your building project.